Generic Travel Links

Airports, Airlines and Airfares

  • How to get to/from Airports - An online resource on how to get to and from hundreds of the world´s airports by car, bus, train & other forms of public transport.
  • I Hate Taxis - Provides information (scams, tipping etc..) on available transport options, costs and schedules from airports.
  • Airport Codes - A link to find the 3 or 4-letter code for a location
  • Airport Codes - Another resource that gives GPS and map info for the location
  • Flight Time Calculator - Calculate the average flight time between two locations
  • Great Circle Mapper - see the route you'll typically fly between two points.

GPS Info

Lodging Info

  • Airbnb - Called the "Ebay for space" by Time Magazine, Airbnb is an online marketplace allowing anyone from private residents to commercial properties to rent out their extra space. Listings include vacation rentals, private rooms, entire apartments, bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, castles, treehouses, and many other traditional and non-traditional accommodations.
  • - Great web site for getting hotel lodging bargains throughout the world. I have used this link to get a bargain hotel on Venice's Grand Canal!
  • Home Exchanges - IF you are really adventurous then try a home exchange. 

Transportation (other than Air)

  • - Bus service between Northeastern Cities (Boston to Washington DC)
  • - Search and compare rates from the major rental car companies on one web page.
  • Car Rental Discount Codes - Tells you what the car rental discount will be
  • - A site to help plan bus journeys through the USA and Canada
  • - The mega value website for travel in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States!
  • Peter Pan Bus - Independent regular route bus company serving more than 100 communities up and down Northeast coast of USA.
  • - Provides a bus service between New York City, Bethesda, MD and Arlington, VA.


  • 40 Most Useful Travel Websites - Links to travel web sites that can save you a money!
  • Basetrip - All the information you need while traveling including visa requirements, currency, electricity, communication
  • Country Travel Information - Great info to know from the Dept of State's web site
  • Find a Toilet - A place to find and record bathrooms all around the world.
  • Health Info for Travelers - Country specific Health Info from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Inspirock - Personalized Itineraries for many world locations.
  • Language Courses Online - Free online language courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute for the United States Government and are in the public domain.
  • The Luggage List - extensive product review research for multiple categories and brands of luggage
  • Park-Sleep-Fly - web site lists lodging that offer free parking (for a certain period up to 14 days) if you stay one (or more) nights (may work out cheaper than the airport paid lots).
  • Passports - Get the scoop straight from the Dept of State's web site!
  • Business Packing Tips - How to pack for 10 Days in a Carry-on
  • Seat 61 - Comprehensive Travel info all in one place for most countries you'll probably ever venture to!
  • The Travel Insider - Resources for travelers including tips on overseas cell phone usage, GPS and lots more!
  • Travel Tips - Safety tips for domestic and international travel.
  • Transportation Security Administration - AMC follows the TSA guidelines so consult the TSA site for what you are allowed to take with you