Generic Military Links

AAFES Exchange Overseas Privileges (Europe and Pacific)

Commissary Overseas Privileges

Army MWR Lodging, Tickets, Tour etc.... info.

DSN Phone Directory - Courtesy of the DISA Web Site

Europe Travel Info for Military - Info and services available at Army Garrisons in Europe

Foreign Clearance Guide - Contains info for clearances required for various countries (accessible from a .mil computer pr with userid/password only); applies mostly to Active Duty

Interactive Customer Evaluation - you can use this link to comment on base services (e.g. Space-A Terminal) during your travels.

Military ID Card Facilities (Rapids Site Locator) - plug in your zip code and find an ID card issuing facility near you!

USO Locations Worldwide - A listing of United Service Organizations (USO) locations around the world

Veterans Benefits Websites - Helpful list of web sites with useful info for military Veterans, Some links have expired so please email with updates