The sign-up form/page is asking me to list up to 5 "Country Choices." What 5 do I choose?

  • Country choices (codes) are not specific bases or locations-they are countries (but include some OCONUS US states and territories as well such as Hawaii, Alaska, Guam....). Select the top five countries/OCONUS destinations you want to visit. Note:  AMC stopped using "ALL" as a valid Country Choice as of August 2010 as it makes it easier for Pax Reps to manage roll calls. However, don't panic, your Country Choices can be changed when you arrive at an AMC departure location and Passengers will not be penalized when changing their destination.

  • Hint: If you are flying to a location in CONUS the Country Choice is "USA" and not a specific base (e.g. "Dover" or "Delaware" are not valid Country Choices).
  • ""NOTE:"" The selection of Country Choices at signup is different than your final destination (selected by you when you are finally assigned a seat and manifested on a flight). See the discussion later on "Final Destination."