When can I "sign-up?"

  • Active-duty: can sign-up at outbound and return location(s) as soon as your "leave or pass" status begins (i.e. "ON OR AFTER" your leave start date/time (local)) and must remain in their leave or pass status for the duration of the signup.  In other words, YOU CANNOT SIGNUP WHEN YOUR LEAVE FORM IS APPROVED (unless you start leave status the minute your leave form is approved).
  • Retirees: can sign-up at outbound and return location(s) anytime - hey, they're retired!
  • Unaccompanied Dependents: ALL unaccompanied Dependents require a signed and dated Space-A Letter for a valid signup.  Dependents of deployed members using the Cat-III or Cat-IV deployed sponsor program cannot signup any EARLIER THAN 10 days before the member deploys (even if they have a memo issued earlier than the 10 days) and cannot travel before the first day of the sponsors deployment.