What should I wear during the flight? Do I need to wear my uniform?

Each service has its own rules – USAF does not require you to wear the uniform. However, the DoD Reg requires ROTC (and equivalent) cadets to wear their uniform when traveling Space-A. Speaking of uniforms you should be aware of the dress code. Clothing with slogans or containing vulgarity, shorts, revealing clothing, any clothing item that depicts desecration of the flag, tank or tube tops, or other inappropriate clothing will get you turned away from Space A travel. ""LAYER your clothing"", as you never know what the temperature will be on the different aircraft or you could even get diverted (small chance) to a warmer/colder climate than your intended destination. Plan to wear common-sense closed toe footwear (open-toed sandals, flip flops, narrow-heel shoes or high heels are ""NOT ALLOWED" on the cargo aircraft but are allowed on Patriot Express aircraft); some passengers have been denied boarding due to improper footwear. If manifested on a C-5, you may have to climb up a ladder stairs and open-toed shoes or high heels are not safe if you have to exit quickly in an emergency. Did I mention to ""LAYER your clothing"" (don't say I didn't warn you!

In addition, because of the nature of AMC’s cargo missions, chains and tie-down straps that secure the cargo to the pallet and aircraft flooring pose a hazard to your feet, if not protected. As a result, Vibram FiveFinger Footwear are prohibited from being worn on AMC cargo aircraft.