What are the Patriot Express Schedule/Routes?

  • BWI-RAF Mildenhall-BWI (2 per month) NOTE: Patriot express flights between BWI and RAF Mildenhall are scheduled to cease after January 1st 2024.
  • BWI-Ramstein AB-BWI (2 Per Week/Varied Schedule)
  • BWI-Ramstein AB-Incirlik AB-Ramstein-BWI (1 Per Week/Varied Schedule)
  • Seattle-Andersen AFB Guam-Kadena-Seattle (Monthly)
  • Seattle–Misawa-Osan-Misawa–Seattle (Departs Seattle Sunday and Departs Osan Tuesday)
  • Seattle–Yokota-Osan-Yokota–Seattle (Departs Seattle Tuesday and Departs Osan Thursday)
  • Seattle–Yokota-Iwakuni-Kadena–Iwakuni-Yokota–Seattle (Departs Seattle Thursday and Departs Kadena Saturday)
  • Seattle Patriot Express Schedule Sheet (Schedule is dated but sheet helps explain Space-A Roll Call process)
  • Norfolk NAS–Jacksonville NAS–Guantanamo–Jacksonville NAS–Norfolk NAS (Every Friday and every other Tuesday)
  • Norfolk NAS-Rota-Naples-Souda Bay-Bahrain-Downrange-Bahrain-Souda Bay-Naples-Rota-Norfolk NAS (1 every other week /Varied days)
  • Norfolk NAS-Rota-Sigonella–Bahrain–Djibouti–Bahrain–Sigonella–Rota–Norfolk NAS (1 every other week /Varied days)

    Lesser known Commercial-contract Missions:

  • Travis-Hickam: one per week
  • Yokota-Singapore (Paya Lebar):  3 per week