What is a "Virtual Roll Call (VRC)?"

A VRC is just a process developed that allows you to be considered for seats virtually (e.g. at home, lodging, BX, Burger King....) without physically attending the traditional Roll Call in the terminal.  It may not be offered at all locations or on all missions.  If VRC is offered then it will be listed as such on the schedule.  The basic steps (slight variations may be implemented at different locations) are:

1. "Within" (not exactly "at") 20 hours before a Roll Call you need to go by the terminal and mark yourself "Present" to compete for any upcoming VRCs.

2.  Go home, take a nap, pack, jog or whatever and wait for the "Roll Call Notification" email.  You should receive that email approximately 45-60 minutes prior to Roll Call. If you don't receive the email then either the terminal does not have your correct email address or there's a network problem (on their end or your end).  The terminal is not responsible for network problems on either end - that's a risk you accept by using VRC.  If you don't respond (typically within 30 minutes) then you're eliminated from the VRC.

3. If you make the cut then you'll receive a "Flight Selection Notification" including instructions to "Check-in" and make a bee line for the terminal (needless to say you should already be "travel ready" (bags packed and a plan to get to the terminal in time)).  If you don't make the cut then you won't receive this email!

4. If you don't make the cut then you should receive a "Non-Selection Notification" email.  Try again just like a normal Roll Call.

5. NOTE:  AMC is not be responsible for personal Email or Internet connectivity issues. Failure to respond to the VRC email notification will result in a non-selection for the VRC Roll Call. If you have not received a VRC notification Email 45 minutes prior to your desired VRC Roll Call then you need to call or stop by the Passenger Terminal to ensure you are competing for your desired flight's Roll Call.

  • The following locations offer VRC (as of October 2016): 
    • CONUS:  Charleston.   Mcguire no longer offers VRC.
    • Overseas:  Hickam, Kadena, Osan, Spangdahlem, Yokota

Here is the AMC Virtual Roll Call Brochure