How do I get started?

  • FIRST!!!! - determine your eligibility for Space-A travel.  If you are not eleeligi for Space-A then there is no point in reading further.  If you are eligible then continue and you need to.......
  • SIGN-UP: Once you are authorised to travel (retiree, started your AD leave or have your signed dependent travel letter) you register ("signup") at the locations you plan to initiate travel from (both coming and going). Some terminals have a web form you can fill out to register (see the Space-A Location Listings). You can also sign-up (register) in person, by email or fax. Note, you are not "signing-up" for a particular flight and you do not make flight "reservations!" When you sign-up you go on "the list" (at that location only) and you compete for flights based on your priority on "the list" within your category. When the PSA receives your "sign-up request" they assign you a date/time based on the Julian date calendar and Zulu time your sign-up was received. Your sign-up time determines your position/priority within each Space-A Category.
  • SHOW UP: Once signed-up, no one is going to contact you so you'll have to decide where you want to depart from (e.g. Dover, McGuire etc….) based on predicted departures. It helps to phone the terminal you think you want to depart from and/or monitor their recording (flight departures) to get a feel for possible destinations. As soon as you physically arrive at a location check in with the folks at the Pax desk to see if you are listed on the Space-A register with the correct date/time/seats (some locations print a list daily for review). If something is not correct with your registration then fix it! Declare yourself "Present" for the next 24 hours and let the Pax rep know that you want to be included in the Roll Call for any flights heading to/towards your intended destination.
  • GIDDY-UP: Now that you're at the terminal the adventure begins. You're next step is be physically present at the terminal, check-in with the Pax Reps to mark yourself "present" and be travel-ready (luggage, dependents and proper paperwork in-hand and car parked) for the "show-time" and subsequent "Roll Call" of the particular flight you'd like to be manifested on. I recommend you arrrive at least an hour prio to a Roll Call to allow time to get marked "Present" and be "Travel Ready."  If you make the cut at the flight Roll Call you'll be manifested and on your way! Prospective passengers will be selected (manifested) during the "Roll Call" based on priority of category and signup date/time starting with Category-I (CAT-I) through CAT-VI.