What is "Show Time"?

"Show Time" is the time prior to scheduled aircraft departure that the terminal Passenger Service reps may start the roll call for manifesting (assigning Space-A seats). "Show Time" is usually 2 to 3 hours prior to departure. At, or sometime after the "Show Time", the Pax reps will do a "Roll Call" for the flight. "Show Times" can, and often do, change and may occur earlier than advertised so arrive early at the terminal!! NOTE 1: You must declare yourself "Present" (in person) to the passenger service reps at the terminal "within" 24 hours prior to the roll call of the flight you'd like to be manifested on. This is also a good time to verify your signup date/time is properly entered into the system. Declaring yourself "Present" lets the Pax reps know the number of people "actively" seeking a flight. When you declare yourself "Present" you are merely telling the Pax Reps that you have physically arrived at the terminal and you would like your name included in all the roll calls for your destination in the next 24 hours. Shortly before the show time, the Pax reps will post a list of those "Present" showing you exactly where you stand in the pecking order for that flight. If you fail to mark yourself "Present" and you physically show up for a roll call then you'll have to wait until all other Space-Available passengers marked present at the beginning of the roll call have been afforded the opportunity to compete for the open seats. If seats remain, the Pax reps will begin a new roll call starting with Category-I and then you will have a shot at remaining seats. NOTE 2: The above process may or may not be followed at ALL terminals. According to the reg, all space-available passengers competing for a seat must be ""marked present"" (in the computer system) at the beginning of roll call. Therefore, you need to check-in with the Passenger Service Reps at upon arrival at the terminal to declare yourself "Present" prior to a roll call on the day on the day of travel. Best advice is to show up an hour or two before a flight's show time and ensure you are "marked present."