How are seats assigned on Military or Patriot Express Aircraft?

On military (grey tail) aircraft seating is usually as you can find it when boarding the aircraft (some have web seats or palletised normal airline type seats).  On commercial contract missions, AMC's goal  is  for  a  passenger  to  receive  the  seat  they  desire (no guarantees of course) and an aircraft seat map is used to show locations of available seats.  All passengers  regardless of age, traveling on AMC owned or operated airlift will have an assigned Space-A seat.  When the aircraft is configured with business or first class seats, priority is given to special  category  (Wounded  passengers  upon  request,  Medal  of  Honor  holders,  Blue Barks, Coin Assist, Next Of Kin of Very Seriously Ill, and O-6 or civilian equivalent and above)  passengers.  The  first  two  rows  on  commercial  PE  aircraft  (without  business  or first class seating) are used for DV seating to the maximum extent possible. Any remaining seats shall be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis but passenger Service Personnel will normally try to keep families seated together on Patriot Express or other missions that have assigned seating.

Passengers  seated  in  emergency  exit  rows  must have  sufficient  mobility,  strength,  or  dexterity  in  both  arms,  hands,  and  legs  to  reach upward,  sideways,  and  downward  to  open  the  emergency  exit  and  exit  slide-operating mechanisms.