Can a ROTC or Academy Cadet fly Space-A?

  • a. Yes (but not your dependents if ROTC), When enrolled ( I read "contracted" versus "taking" ROTC) in an advanced ROTC, NUPOC, or CEC course or enrolled under the financial assistance program, on presentation of the following valid: Military ID Card and DD Form 1853.
  • b. Category of Travel is Cat 6 and travel is authorized ONLY within and between the CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii and the US. Territories
  • c. If you have been commissioned but waiting for active duty then you are still Cat-VI (have your old Det Commander sign your DD Form 1853.
  • d. On a related topic, Academy Cadet Graduates may be granted up to 60 days of non-chargeable leave in conjunction with their PCS and will travel in Category-III (CONUS-CONUS, CONUS-OCONUS, OCONUS-CONUS). Graduates will not possess a leave form, but the authorization for leave needs to be stated on their PCS orders.
  • e. Per the DODI, ROTC Cadets must travel in Uniform and Academy Cadets should follow their Service and Academy Uniform regulations.