What is "Roll Call"?

  • The phrases "Roll Call" and "Show Time" are often used interchangeably because "Roll Call" can occur at "Show Time." A "Roll Call" for a flight can occur at, or sometime after, "Show Time." "Roll Call" is a phrase used to signify the beginning of the process in which eligible passengers in each category are selected by date and time of sign-up. ALL Space-Available passengers competing for a seat must be listed on the "Present List" and, expect for a Virtual Roll Call (VRC) be physically present at the beginning of the "Roll Call." The standard goal for AMC flights is to have the Roll Call no earlier than 2 hours and 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Category-I, Space-Available passengers will be considered for any flight currently being processed even if the Space-Available roll call has already begun (roll call time passed) regardless of the current category being selected.
  • To start the "Roll Call", the PSA starts "calling" each Space-A category on the "Present List" beginning with Category I (Cat-I) and works down the list to CAT-VI until all available seats are filled. All Cat-1 personnel present will be manifested, then all Cat-2, then all Cat-3 and so on through Cat-6. Within each Category the seats are filled based on your date/time signup priority. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be passed over and seats offered to next on the list.
  • Some KEY POINTS regarding the Roll Call Process:
    1. Space-A passengers shall not be removed for other Space-A passengers.
    2. If the category/date/time of a Space-Available passenger has been passed, that passenger must wait until all other Space-Available passengers present at the beginning of the roll call have been afforded the opportunity to compete for the open seats. If seats remain and time permits, the PSA will begin a new Roll Call.
    3. If a mission changes destination, the roll call will be started over.
    4. If additional seats are released for a mission after the "Roll Call" is finished, the Space-Available call will continue where it previously ended. However, if the PSA had to pass over a family due to insufficient seat release to accommodate them and additional seats become available, then families that were passed over will have an opportunity to take these seats and then the Space-Available "Roll Call" will resume where it previously left off.
    5. Category I, Space-A passengers shall be considered for any flight currently being processed even if the Space-A roll call has already begun (roll call start time passed) regardless of the current category being selected.
    6. If anytime during the Space-A roll call, Space-R walk-in travelers present themselves to the PSC counter and seats are available, they must be given a seat ahead of any Space-A category (1-6) traveler(s).
  • Passengers must be travel ready at the time of "Roll Call"
  • "Virtual" Roll Call" (VRC):  "Virtual" Roll Call means you go on a list and do not have to be present for the physical roll call (you still need to physically go to the terminal to mark yourself "Present."   See http://www.spacea.net/faq/vrc for more details.