Can my pet, friend, grandkids, parent accompany me in a Space-A status?

  • A pet, parent, grandkid (or other non-dependent) cannot accompany you if you are flying in a Space-A status.
  • Only your(not someone-else's) authorized (i.e. registered in DEERS and has ID card if 10 years old or more) military dependents may accompany you. Sponsorship cannot be delegated to another military member. Dependents under 18-years of age must be accompanied by an eligible parent or Legal Guardian. Per the regs, Space-A travel eligibility cannot be delegated or transferred except for dual Uniformed Services members. The source of eligibility is the sponsor. Powers of Attorney do not create legal guardianship, therefore, travel under a power of attorney, non-court ordered adoptive guardianship, etc. is not authorized.
  • Members traveling on PCS Orders on DoD Commercial Chartered missions (e.g. Patriot Express flights or other commercial contract missions (e.g to/from BWI, Seattle. Ramstein, Japan, Korea or Travis and Hawaii) can take a pet (defined as a dog or cat only) along on a Space-A basisOnly a few Pet Spaces are available each mission (some in-cabin) and passengers must request a Pet Reservation through their official travel office as soon as they have their PCS orders.  "Pets" are not allowed on Military aircraft (e.g. cargo/tanker aircraft) even if the member is in a PCS status.   See AMC's Pet Brochure for more information and contact your TMO for details regarding shipping pets in conjunction with your PCS.
  • There are no blackout dates for pet travel.
  • For those of you PCSing here's the pet rates (current as of June 2023 - source - AMC Pet Travel Page):
    • Pet and container weighing up to 70 lbs - $125
    • Pet and container 71-140 lbs - $250
    • Pet and container 141-150 lbs - $375
    • If PCSing to Germany there is (current as of March 2015) a 55 Euro fee paid to the German Government upon claiming your pet/processing through customs. The fee applies to any arrivals in Germany (military or commercial.
  • It may be "possible" for a family to take more than two pets when PCSing but "probably " unlikely as Pet Spaces tend to fill up quickly. Contact your official travel office to see if they have any cancellations or updated allocations.
  • Legitimate "Service Animals" are allowed on DoD-controlled missions (see the separate FAQ article for details).