I'm a "non-command-sponsored dependent" living in CONUS. Can I travel unaccompanied overseas (e.g. Korea) to visit my active-duty spouse?

The short answer is YES! Non-command sponsored dependents are authorized to travel unaccompanied to/from their sponsor's OCONUS duty station. Documentation signed by the sponsor's commander verifying non-command sponsorship shall be presented to air terminal personnel, and shall be in the dependents' possession during travel. This letter is valid for one Cat-V round-trip to and from the sponsor's OCONUS PCS duty location. Space-A travel must be completed within ninety (90) days from the date the letter is issued or a new letter is required. Here is a sample Non-command Sponsor Letter.

NOTE: "Non-command sponsored" dependents MAY travel (from CONUS) Space-A in Category III if accompanied by their sponsor to and from the duty location and Category V if not accompanied by their sponsor. For travel to Korea, dependents are authorized one 30-day visit per 365-day period and extensions are not authorized. (Reference PASSENGER SERVICE UPDATE DTG: 261800Z OCT 01 para 1.A.4 and 1.B).