I'm married to another military member and our child(ren) is my spouse's military dependent. Can our child(ren) accompany me on a Space-A flight?

Per a 14 Jul 08 memo, the DoD rectified a restriction which only allowed the designated military sponsor to accompany a dependent child traveling Space-A. Now, certain dual Uniformed Services member parents/step-parents may accompany their dependent children regardless of which parent is designated as the sponsor in the DEERS. The policy applies to Uniformed Services members on active duty, retired from active duty, and retired Reserve/Guard members 60 years or older who are receiving retired pay.

The designated military sponsor may give the military non-sponsor parent the authority to accompany their dependent child when traveling Space-A in the same category of travel as the military non-sponsor parent.. The sponsor parent must authorize the non-sponsor parent in writing (Sample Dual-Sponsor Memo) with his or her signature notarized. The letter is valid for 180 days from the date it was signed and notarized. Only the ORIGINAL letter with the sponsor's signature notarized may be accepted for Space-A travel and the non-sponsor parent must carry this authorization letter during all phases of travel along with his or her valid military identification card.