I'm a dependent of an active-duty member: Can I fly Space-A unaccompanied without my sponsor?

Generally, there are five situations where dependents can travel Space-A without their sponsor but there are additional restrictions on traveling within CONUS unaccompanied:

  • 1. Emergency situations Cat-I (per DoD 4515.13-RTable C6.T1., ITEM 4)
  • 2. Command sponsored dependent stationed with their sponsor overseas utilizing the command sponsored Cat-V letter obtained from the unit commander. 
  • 3. Unaccompanied Environmental Morale Leave (EML) dependents stationed at some overseas locations can travel CAT-IV with the appropriate EML paperwork.
  • 4. Non-command sponsored dependent (Cat-V), not residing at the sponsor's overseas location, may travel Space-A unaccompanied to and from the sponsor's overseas location with a letter from the installation commander. There is no limit to the number of times you can travel during the year but sponsor commanders may have limitations.
  • 5. Unaccompanied dependents of deployed military members can travel as a Cat-III (after active duty Cat-III if sponsor deployed 365 days or more) or Cat-IV (if sponsor deployed 30 to 364 days), including Reserve and Guard personnel.  The required Dependent Verification Letter is valid for the duration of the deployment and for unlimited trips.

    There is no limit to the number of times Command or Non-command Sponsored dependents can use Space-A but Command or Non-command Sponsored Space-A Letters are only valid for 90 days or one round-trip whichever occurs first.