I'm a dependent of an active-duty member: Can I fly Space-A unaccompanied within the CONUS without my sponsor?

Cat-III or Cat-IV (deployed Sponsor) unaccompanied dependents can travel within CONUS. However, ""Cat-V (Command or non-command sponsored) or CAT-IV (EML) unaccompanied dependents can only travel on CONUS segments of international flights during the beginning or end of their international flight."" For example, if a flight originates in Texas, stops in California as part of the mission, and then continues overseas to Korea, unaccompanied Cat-V dependents may fly within the CONUS from Texas to the overseas area on the flight. They may not, however, travel within CONUS from Texas to California and then pickup a new mission/aircraft overseas. If there is no changing of aircraft or mission number, dependents may fly to a destination within the CONUS from overseas. For example, an authorized dependent can get manifested on a plane in Hawaii and travel all the way to Charleston AFB, SC with an overnight stop at Travis AFB, CA as long as that mission had an ultimate destination of Charleston and the dependent was manifested through to Charleston. The same applies on the return. An authorized dependent can travel within CONUS on a plane traveling from Kelly AFB, TX to Travis AFB, CA (overnight at Travis) and then continue on to Hawaii. A dependent can't get on the same plane at Kelly AFB, TX and just go to Travis AFB in the hope of picking up a different mission to Hawaii. Bottom line, once a Cat-V or CAT-IV (EML) unaccompanied dependent lands in the CONUS from OCONUS, their onward travel via Space-A is terminated unless they are manifested through on the same aircraft/mission to another CONUS destination. The same applies going from CONUS to OCONUS. A dependent cannot begin Space-A travel on a plane in CONUS to another CONUS location unless they are manifested though on that aircraft to an OCONUS location. (DoD, C6.1.8.2, AMC 21.1.1)