How long is my" sign-up" valid?

Per DoDI 4515.13 para 4.7.c, Space-A signup is valid until leave terminates (Active duty), or a maximum of 60 days has passed (retirees, dependents etc...) , whichever occurs first.  Some Navy locations have a 45-day limit so verify with the departure location prior to signup.

The following Navy locations are AMC-operated terminals and follow the 60-day rule and other items covered by AMC: (Norfolk, Jacksonville, Naples, Sigonella, Souda Bay and Rota).  NAS North Island (single destination only), Ft Worth (requires at least 24 hours prior) and Kaneohe follow 45-day signup.  Oceana does not have remote signup and requires 72-hour advance notice for Space-A Signup.

The details are as follows:

  • Active Duty Uniformed Services Members (ref DoDI 4515.13, Section 4 for definition): Until your last day of chargeable leave. Note: Also applies to Guard/Reserve on AD for 30 days or more.  Active Duty military members whose leave orders have expired shall be allowed to remain on the Space-A register if they are "attempting" to have leave extended. These personnel will not be moved until their leave is extended, but if there are extenuating circumstances, the passenger service officer/detachment commander/NCOIC may elect to authorize movement. Leave extensions shall be accepted based on verbal confirmation of the passenger.
  • Unaccompanied Dependents: 60 days
  • Retired Military Personnel: 60 days.
  • Authorized Reserve Component Members (ref DoDI 4515.13, Section 4 for definition): 60 days from the day you sign up. Note: Applies to Guard/Reserve on AD for 30 days or less.

Your signup expires at each location 60 days (or 45 days or leave expiration as applicable) after you signed up at that particular location and you would need to submit another signup at that location and start back at "Day 0". Once you are "manifested" on a flight (as a result of a Roll Call at that location) and depart from a location you will be removed from the Space-A register at that location (and that location only). If your signup expires or you are manifested on a flight (and depart) you will need to submit a new signup (registration) to get manifested from that location on future flights.