How do I "sign-up?"

You need to register (signup) for Space-A travel at EACH location where you plan to compete for seats. You can signup at any/multiple locations at anytime. Each location maintains its own signup register so must signup at each location you might initiate travel from - your sign-ups at the other locations are NOT affected by what you do at a particular location.

At most USAF locations, there are four ways to sign up for Space A travel: A completed paper AMC Form 140, on-line sign up (including e-mail), FAX, or in person; see the Space-A Links Forms section for a fillable version of AMC 140. Active duty personnel can signup as soon as they begin "leave or pass status."

If you would like to signup via email then cut and paste the info from this generic signup template (a Word document based on the AMCFORM 140) into an email and send to the terminal(s) that you wish to travel from. You can obtain the emails for the most popular terminals from the Space-A Terminal Locations Lists.

Several terminals also maintain a web-based signu form (consult the terminal listing). Roy Buckman (now deceased) developed a one-stop shopping sign-up site that allowed you to sign-up for multiple destinations at the same time. Roy's web site is now being used as a front for a commercial business and no longer offers signup. However, Rob G. has developed an identical one-stop sign-up site service at Takeahop also offers an App for iPhone and Android. 

AMC provides a signup form here.

However you choose to signup, ""experienced Space-A travelers will usually call to verify their signup was successfully received and entered in the system. It is a good idea to print out a copies of your email signup receipts and bring them along in case you arrive at a departure point and you are not registered."" The PSAs will normally honor your hand-carried signup showing your original day/time of signup and prevent a disaster!

Once you are added to the Space Available register, you are eligible for any flights that depart that location ONLY for the duration of your signup.  You need to signup at other locations if needed.

  • Note 1: DoD ID Number is required by all passengers (except retirees with an ID card still showing SSN) to travel.  Although it is HQ AMC policy that DoD ID Number or SSN disclosure is not required for remote signup, some AMC detachments do not comply with the policy. Be advised that those few locations may ignore your signup if you do not include a SSN or ask you to provide a SSN to register for travel. If the PAX personnel are properly trained then they know to complete the registration using a pseudo Person ID consisting of the prefix RMT and the first four letters of the passenger's last name, first and middle name initials. Alternatively, passengers can use their passport number as a placeholder for your SSN.

Some folks just use a dummy SSN using the last four digits of your SSN (like XXX-XX-1234) when registering and then provide a valid DoD ID Number when you show-up at the Pax desk when you are ready to travel.

  • Note 2: Per the constantly revised Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG is accessible from a .mil computer only), command sponsored dependents require a SOFA stamp in their no fee passports in order to travel to Germany. Also, Active Duty on leave not stationed in Europe REQUIRE a tourist passport for travel to Germany. Make sure you verify this and any other document requirements in the FCG BEFORE you show up for a flight!
  • Note 3: On most Navy bases you have to sign up in person per mission (flight) and e-mail and fax signup may not be available. Some Navy locations such as Norfolk, Jacksonville, Naples, Sigonella and Rota act as AMC terminals so they provide for the "normal" signup methods.
  • Note 4: As of October 2011, revised AMC policy states that travelers signing up remotely (email, fax etc…) must identify their station of assignment (the local area where their leave officially start/end) or current state/country of residence on the request. This is to ensure passenger service agents have the information necessary to adjust the date/time of sign-up in regards to time zone differences.
  • Note 4:  As of Nov 2013, Date-of-Birth will be required to "complete" Space-A signup before you travel but it's optional for a "remote" (email/fax) signup.