What is EML and how can we get it?

  • EML is Environmental Morale Leave. In certain OVERSEAS locations, living conditions are such that leave must be taken in a more suitable geographic and cultural environment to accomplish its stated purpose. EML provides a means of expeditious travel for members (and Command-Sponsored Dependents) from an EML location to a suitable EML destination. Designation of an EML location cannot be based on adverse economic or cultural conditions alone. EML is not intended to compensate sponsors and their families for the high cost of living overseas, language barrier, or cultural differences. DODI 1327.06 is the DoD reg the governs EML.
  • The Pacific Command EML Program Document contains a list of authorized locations and here is the Pacific Command EML form used: USPACOM FORM 505/3 EF (07-10).
  • The European Command EML Program Document contains a list of authorized locations and here is the European Command EML form used: EU FORM 1501.01. As of 2017, CONUS may no longer be an approved destination for Unfunded EML.  See this announcement and check the current EUCOM regulations or your assigned command to verify EML eligibility.
  • Unfunded EML qualifies the sponsor (and accompanied dependents) for Space-A Cat-II (sponsor) or Cat-IV (unaccompanied dependents) and is only valid to and from the first authorized EML destination (e.g. CONUS) actually reached. Space-A travel beyond the first authorized EML destination (e.g. from western CONUS to eastern CONUS) to subsequent destinations would be as a Cat-III (Active Duty alone or with dependents). Unaccompanied dependents traveling as CAT-IV cannot travel within CONUS (unless manifested on continuing missions within CONUS as outlined under the FAQ "Eligibility" section). Return to the original EML location from the authorized EML destination is in the original EML Category (CAT-II or CAT-IV). The traveler can signup for Space-A on or after the EML start/effective date (listed on their EML form).
  • Government Civilians (e.g. DoD Teachers) and their dependents stationed at certain overseas locations might be authorized EML and travel Space-A to authorized EML destinations as outlined in the documents above.
  • WARNING:  Some locations (e.g. Osan) may require a Command Sponsored Space-A Letter IN ADDITION to the EML Form for unaccompanied dependents so it behooves you to have both.