Why didn't I receive a return e-mail verifying receipt of my Space-A registration?

The folks at the Space-A terminals receive many remote requests for Space-A travel from folks that never show up to use that signup. As a result, to cut down on non-value-added work, some locations don't enter your info into their database or acknowledge your signup with a return email. So, what should you do? You could call the terminal staff and ask them to verify receipt of your signup. That, too, may be non-value added especially if you've shot-gunned your signup out to every Space-A terminal on earth. ""Experienced Space-A travelers will print out a copy or their signup from their email program's "SENT" folder. This printed copy will indicate the date, time and address of the location(s) for your signup."" If you were smart enough to send one email to multiple terminals at once using the template format above, then you should only have to carry one piece of paper with you per direction of travel (e.g. CONUS to EUROPE and then return from EUROPE to CONUS). ""Historically, most (if not all), locations will honor your email printout."" If you used the Take-a-Hop to signup and haven't received an acknowledgment then follow the suggestions outline in the Take-a-Hop FAQ (e.g. check your email junk/spam folder for the confirmation copy).