Can I use Space-A to visit my sponsor serving a non-command sponsored tour at a CENTCOM location?

According to USCENTCOM CCJ4 message DTG 222016Z Jul 05, all categories of space available (Space-A) travel into, within, and out of the USCENTCOM AOR are suspended with the following exceptions:

  1. DoD eligible travelers serving 12-to 18-month unaccompanied or dependent-restricted tours in the USCENTCOM AOR who are authorized Unfunded Environmental and Morale Leave (UEML).
  2. DoD eligible travelers and their families who are serving command-sponsored tours and authorized UEML travel.
  3. travelers who possess a signed authorization letter from COMUSNAVCENT/ CNRSWA may visit their sponsor "permanently assigned on PCS orders for 365 days or more.

The above policy from 2005 is still in effect as of March 2015.