What are some Space-A related Terms, Acronyms and Airport Codes?

Airport Codes Link to decipher airport codes OCONUS Outside The Continental United States
AMC Air Mobility Command (MAC was old term) OSA Operational Support Airlift
AFI Air Force Instruction (i.e. regulation) PAX Passengers
BEQ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters PAT-EX or PE Patriot Express
BOQ Bachelor Officer's Quarters PSA Passenger Service Agent
CBQ Combined Bachelors Quarters PSC Passenger Service Counter
CONUS Continental United States PSR Passenger Service Representative
DoDEA Department of Defense Education Activity RAF Royal Air Force
DTG Date-Time-Group RON Remain Overnight
EML Environmental Morale Leave TDY Temporary Duty
FBO Fixed Base Operator TLF Temporary Lodging Facility
HOP Slang for a Space-A Flight VWP Visa Waiver Program
MAC Military Air Command (AMC is new term)  VOQ  
Visiting Officer's Quarters
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation  Zulu  Common Time Zone (used for signup)
NAS Naval Air Station    
NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command