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Welcome to's Pages and FAQ are unofficial web pages developed as a volunteer service to the members of the uniformed services/military community.  The information provided here is based on current regulations and the contributors' knowledge and many years of Space-A experience.    It is your responsibility to verify everything with current regulations and policy before you plan and attempt travel.

I make every effort to ensure the information (contact information, FAQs etc...) is as current as possible but please verify all information BEFORE you travel.   I encourage you to notify me of any outdated info.  This site continues to remain FREE thanks to some advertisement revenue and a few donations from thankful readers.  If you can't make a donation then please utilise/research some of the advertisers!  If you can't do either of those then please consider donating information to help keep this site updated for you and your fellow travelers - it only costs you an email and a little time.  Please email additions/corrections/suggestions and enjoy your journey.  If you have QUESTIONs then check the FAQs or post your question on the FB Page

Thank You!  ---- John D. ----

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