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Welcome to's Pages and FAQ are unofficial web pages started as a volunteer service to the members of the uniformed services/military community.  The information provided has been compiled since 2001 from online forums, individual contributions, websites and personal knowledge. The information provided here is based on current regulations to the greatest extent possible but it is your responsibility to verify everything with current regulations and policy before you plan and attempt travel.

I make every effort to ensure the information (contact information, FAQs etc...) is as current as possible but please verify all information BEFORE you travel.   I encourage you to notify me of any outdated info.  This site continues to remain FREE thanks to advertisement revenue (just like Facebook)THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO CLICK ON ANY ADVERTISEMENT.  If you choose not to utilize/research some of the advertisers then please consider donating information to help keep this site updated for you and your fellow travelers - it only costs you an email and a little time.  Please email additions/corrections/suggestions and enjoy your journey.  If you have QUESTIONS then check the FAQs or post your question on the FB Page

Thank You!  ---- John D. ----

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