What documentation do I need?

  • All passengers need a Social Security Number (SSN).  If infants don't have an SSN then they need a Passport.  If for some reason neither a SSN or Passport is available then the terminal "May" accept the DEERS number that is assigned to newborns until they get a SSN. The DEERS number can only be given to the sponsor in person.
  • All Passengers need their Uniformed Services ID card (if 10 years of age and over)
  • Dependents less than 10 years old without a Military ID should have proof of age e.g. Birth Cert, Passport or other Govt-issued ID
  • Active Duty (or Activated Reservists) and their Dependents need their current leave form and/or EML orders as applicable
  • Unaccompanied Dependents (Active or Activated Reservists) must have one of the following letters (signed by Sponsor's Commander):
    • Unaccompanied Command Sponsored Dependent Space-A Letter (copy is OK)
    • Unaccompanied Non-Command Sponsored Dependent Space-A Letter (copy is OK)
    • Unaccompanied Dependent Dependent Verification Space-A Letter (Deployed Military Member)  (copy is OK)
  • Active Reservist/Guardsmen (not on Active Duty over 30 days) need a DD Form 1853 signed by Commander or First Sergeant
  • Passports (Active Duty):  Consult the Foreign Clearance Guide for Passport and other requirements if traveling in a leave status to foreign countries
  • Passports (Others) - as required by the foreign destination (some foreign countries require at least 6 months left on a passport) you plan to visit or transit based on your citizenship/nationality. Active duty dependents stationed overseas should use their issued "No-Fee/Official Passport" when returning to the overseas station.
    •  Does your passport reflect your legal name? If you have changed your name (e.g. recent marriage) you may use your marriage certificate or court documents to “prove” the difference of names on your passport and Identification Cards. However, it is highly recommended you update your passport as soon as the name change occurs. For more info consult the Department of State Website.
  • Visas:  If a US citizen then check the Visa requirements for the country you plan to travel to at State Dept Country Info.  If not a US citizen then you'll need to check with the respective Country for Visa requirements.
  • Immunizations and records as required by foreign countries (check State Dept Country Info)
  • NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to verify you have the correct documentation and it's current for the duration of your trip!