I'm a 100% DAV. Can I travel Space-A?

Retirees (meaning those with a blue DD Form 2 including medically-retired) are eligible for Space-A. Despite rumors to the contrary, 100 percent disabled veterans in possession of DD Form 1173 or DD Form 2765 (replaces the DD Form 1173) identification cards are NOT entitled to Space-A travel aboard DoD aircraft. If your ID card is brown and the bottom right says "DAVPRM" (Disabled Veteran Permanent) then there is no entitlement for Space-A travel. Any changes to Space-A eligibility rules will be published as an immediate change to DoDI 4515.13 and advertised accordingly (Reiteration HQ AMC/DONP 091704z Mar 99 and Reference PASSENGER SERVICE UPDATE DTG: 261800Z OCT 01 para 1.H).

If it helps any, here's a small compilation of various efforts that folks have sent me that involve expanding the Space-A privilege to 100 Percent DAVs, widows, widowers, etc....



Bill S-1768

Bottom Line as of May 2015: Per AMC HQ, regarding H.R. 4435 Amendment 15 stating that 100% disabled veterans can fly Space-A, no guidance has been passed down to terminals to allow this. Until the DoD issues a memo incorporating any changes into DoD's Transportation Regulation (DoDI4515.13) guidance is passed down, 100% disabled veterans remain ineligible for Space-A.